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We specialise in high reliability custom packaging elements for critical applications and give a wide product portfolio including discrete semiconductors, power modules and RF transistors. Another aspect of the current invention is a way of testing a semiconductor device comprising coupling that the semiconductor device to the back side of a circuit board containing circuitry adapted to supply an actual working environment for your semiconductor apparatus; and functioning the circuitry onto the circuit board.

The signal applied to the non-inverting input signal of comparator 108 is a reference voltage derived from diode stack 60. Thus, if the voltage proportional to the leakage current through the device under test exceeds the reference voltage at the anode terminal of diode stack 60, the comparator will generate an output signal indicative of excess leakage.

The device utilizes a battery supply for low voltage d.c.. The circuitry for detecting when the impedance is too high in the conducting state includes a lamp in series with the battery source and the semiconductor apparatus, whereby the impedance of the semiconductor apparatus determines whether sufficient current will flow through the lamp to create the lamp to illuminate.

Following the substantial thermal equilibrium has been reached, the electrical features tests are conducted on the device 10 in the test temperature. Performing at least one electric test on said apparatus at stated test temperature. The test system 20 comprises sockets 23 which are normally arranged to couple of memory modules to the front surface of the circuit board 21 (in this case, a mother board).

The continuity of a circuit comprising a diode connected in ahead polarity (running state) can be tested as set forth above. More especially, example embodiments may associate to a method of testing semiconductor devices by identifying components of lots and a test tray like a plurality of lots having the semiconductor apparatus may be continuously tested by means of a handler.

This temperature conclusion can be made via the monitoring means 42 through the prospects 36, 38 and 40 by placing a particular present through the processor 15 and measuring the resulting voltage across at least one of the PN junctions in the chip 15. This temperature determining step is the most accurate where the heat sink 14 and the semiconductor chip 15 have attained substantial thermal equilibrium.

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